• Cable bridge 3-channels 90x50x7,5cm - najazd-kablowy-3-kanalowy-wzdluzny-admiral.png
  • Cable bridge 3-channels 90x50x7,5cm - najazd-kablowy-3-kanalowy-wzdluzny-admiral_2.png
  • Cable bridge 3-channels 90x50x7,5cm - najazd-kablowy-3-kanalowy-wzdluzny-admiral_3.png

Cable bridge 3-channels 90x50x7,5cm

Code: ASE KPA090LD3
Admiral Staging

Cable bridge

This product protects your expensive cables from vehicles and audiences. These cable bridges are designed for use in high traffic areas. They have a solid rubber base with a bright yellow cover and are available in a various number of channels.

Admiral offers cable bridges with one, two, three or five channels. Corner pieces are available with 2 or 5 channels


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Category: Cables & Connectors

Tags: accesories , cable bridge

Technical Specifications

  • length: 90 cm
  • width: 50 cm
  • height: 7.5 cm
  • maximum cable diameter: 54 mm
  • material: rubber with yellow PVC cover
  • weight: 20 kg
  • maximum load: 10 tons.
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