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Visual Productions

The RdmSplitter is an optically isolated splitter/booster for DMX and RDM networks.

The widespread data protocol for lighting equipment is DMX-512. It is a very successful protocol with, however, a few limitations. The maximum number of attached devices is limited to 32 and a DMX cable should not be longer than 300 meters. The RdmSplitter helps tackle those inconvenient limitations. The Splitter takes a DMX signal and sends it out again on its 6 DMX output ports. Each output port is capable of driving 32 more devices. The Splitter can also function as a signal booster as each port supports another 300 meter long connection.

Normally DMX requires fixtures to be connected in bus-topology having one cable running via each device. The RdmSplitter allows a star-topology for efficient cable usage.

The DMX output ports are protected through optical isolation, safe guarding the splitter and its connected equipment against power surges and dangerous ground loops.

The RdmSplitter supports RDM communication. RDM is the protocol that allows your fixtures to send feedback information to the lighting controller via the DMX cable.

Next to the popular screw terminal model there is also a RdmSplitter version available with RJ-45 connectors. Choosing this model can save time when working with LED drivers that are also fitted with RJ-45 connectors.

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  • 6 Outputs
  • Optical Isolation (individual per port)
  • USITT DMX512-A (ANSI E1.11)
  • RDM (ANSI E1.20)
  • RJ-45 connectors
  • DIN Rail mounting
  • Power consumption 9-24V DC 500mA power input (optional external PSU)
  • Dimensions 105 x 86 x 60 mm (4.1 x 3.4 x 2.4 inches)
  • Weights 120 gram (0.26 lbs)

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