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Sharpy Plus

Code: CP CD3000

SHARPY PLUS is the first true 100% HYBRID unit, able to be a perfect beam light and a perfect spotlight.  It is suitable for every occasion, with an extraordinary luminous efficiency which ensures substantial savings through lower power consumption.

The SHARPY PLUS fits a totally new, top-ranking-performance Osram Sirius 330W X8 lamp and weighs only 21.6 kg (47.6 lb). All its functions are extremely quick. Its body is slightly larger than the Sharpy's, to house a high quality optical unit with a zoom that ranges from 3° to 36°. Its minimum beam angle of 3° makes it possible to generate the narrow parallel light beams essential for beam light mode. Its wide zoom range also allows large beam angles, which makes the SHARPY PLUS a perfect spotlight for all purposes.

The SHARPY PLUS has two independent operating modes. In BEAM mode, the aerial effects are enhanced by the way the Sirius lamp is made. It is capable of extraordinary power output (over 300,000 lux at 10mt distance), which the optical unit enhances through a marked hot spot. In SPOT mode, the light is diffused in a more even way which means visual effects can be projected with excellent uniformity.

Its 3° to 36° (1:9) zoom covers the entire range linearly, both in spot mode and in beam mode. This feature makes the SHARPY PLUS unique on the market.

The SHARPY PLUS has no match. With its wide range of effects and high light output, it beats all the lights in the same category and comes very close to those of higher wattages, but with a much more appealing price tag.

Category: moving heads , spot , beam

Tags: spot , beam

Technical specification:


  • AC power input Neutrik PowerCON True1 (IP65) 100-240V, 50/60 Hz


  • 540 VA @230Vac - 50Hz


  • 330W X8 HRI Sirius Osram arc lamp


  • Zoom 3°- 36°, Linear and motorized


  • CMY color mixing
  • 15 colors on 3 wheels
  • 2 CTO filters


  • Rotating Gobo Wheel: 8 interchangeable glass gobos
  • Static Gobo Wheel: 18 fixed gobos
  • Six beam reducers (down to 0.5°)
  • Rotating 4-facet prism on dedicated channel
  • Rotating 8-facet prism on dedicated channel
  • Dynamic Animation disc
  • Linear soft edge frost filter
  • Dimmer and stop/strobe
  • Dense, Sharp, Parallel Light Beams
  • Extremely quick movements
  • Excellent visual effect projections
  • Wide and sharp aerial effects


  • Control signal USITT DMX 512
  • 31 DMX 512 control channels
  • Protocols RDM, WebServer and Art-Net
  • Display Graphic LCD backlit b/w Display
  • Display battery Long life self-charging buffer battery
  • Pan/Tilt Resolution 16 bit
  • Focus Resolution 16 bit
  • Gobo Resolution 16 bit
  • Dimmer Resolution 16 bit
  • DMX signal connection 5 pole XLR input and output
  • Ethernet Input
  • Firmware update Software upload through Ethernet input


  • Aluminum and steel structure with plastic covers
  • Two side handles for transportation
  • Device locking PAN and TILT mechanisms for transportation and maintenance


  • PAN range 540°
  • TILT range 270°


  • Long life self-charging buffer battery
  • Function reset from the lighting desk
  • “AUTOTEST” function from menu
  • Electronic monitoring with status error
  • Cooling system monitoring
  • DMX level monitoring on all channels
  • Internal data transmission diagnostics
  • Firmware Upgrade via Web Server
  • Firmware upload from another fixture
  • Protocols/Functions: RDM, Web Server


  • Minimum distance of illuminated objects 8 meters
  • Minimum distance from flammable materials 0.2 meters
  • Max ambient temperature 40°C (104°F)
  • Max temperature of the external surface 90°C (194°F)
  • Automatic break in power supply in case of overheating
  • Forced ventilation with axial fans


  • Working in any position
  • Hanging system: with fast-lock omega clamps (1/4 turn) on the base


  • 23 Kg (50.7 lbs)
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