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Tracer 4000

Code: Gr0030

Fitted with an HMI 4000W discharge lamp, this powerful multi-beam sky tracker projects 15 beams visible from an outstanding distance, for a 28° beam aperture. Performance depends on ambient light and atmospheric conditions. The latest development features control via standard DMX 512 signal, for a total of 4 channels, allowing accurate selection of preset beam rotation speed, scanning amplitude and scanning speed, as well as strobe and black-out functions. Housing fully weatherproofed. Head and mount detachable from the base. Lamp timer incorporated as power factor correction system. Power supply 380V.

Unfavourable weather conditions and surrounding light pollution may affect the normal visibility of the beams.

Category: other outdoor

Wattage: 4000
Base: G38
Life: 500
Lumens: 380000

Angle: 28°
Black Out: Mechanical B/O only
Strobe: 1 Fps

DMX: 4 channels
On Board control
Pan: 180°

Weather: IP23
Cooling: FV

Height: 1235 mm
Width: 580 mm
Dept: 745 mm

110 Kg (bal.incl.), 57Kg Ballast set

380V Two-phase
Hz: 50-60
Amp: 11

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