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Shining Star


Atention. Our seminar is caneled!


This time our guest is Luc LaFortuna - Canadian light designer who is associated with a magical Cirque du Solei from the beginning of his career.

We will inform soon what is the new date for seminar.

Every concert and television program, that we see,  every play of light on the stage of the theater, which puts us in admiration for master lighting effects of urban architecture or public space always requires to use of advanced technology.

But not all shows are causing excitement in equal measure: some are wonderful and exciting, the other boring and monotonous.

Who is responsible for this difference? Lighting designer, artist, uses light as a creative tool through which interprets the music or theatrical atmosphere. For the lighting designer projectors are what brushes for the artist and his work, his art is to create light, adapting it to the needs of various performances.

Luc LaFortuna is widely regarded as one of the most creative and innovative lighting designers of the last three decades. His approach to lighting design is characterized by so much artistic content that could be defined as "poetic". They are inspired by careful , philological analysis of performance conected with  a meticulous exploration of colors and moods.

Luc LaFortuna working with Cirque du Soleil since 1984, when "Cirque" took his first steps. He made a significant contribution to the creation of the myth of "Cirque", working on numerous productions that have gained international fame. In the collective imagination the Cirque du Soleil has its own unique style and a lot of charm . I tis assigned to the work of Luca LaFortune, who was able to move cutting-edge lighting systems to the most ancient form of spectacle, circus and street, making it a spectacular thanks to the colors, rhythms and moods, while maintaining the whole concept of poetry.

Composition of Luca LaFortuna is not only the "Cirque", but also many theater projects, guest performances, big shows. All of his projects are characterized by creativity and originality. In spite of many prestigious awards Luc remained a modest  and open man who loves to share his artistic and technical experiences and not afraid of comparisons with other professionals.

During the conference "Art and poetry in scenographic lighting", sponsored by Clay Paky, Luc LaFortuna will take us through their most important projects. It is obvious he starts from his experience with the "Cirque" which allowed him to use art in practice and constantly experimenting with new technical solutions. We will discover together his approach to design, content anlyze, search of choreographic and iconographic inspiration which is based on the technical work of lighting designer.

There will be plenty of intriguing backstage secrets that give so much emotion in the creation of every show. Luca occurrence is not only interesting event for the public, but also valuable and unique opportunity to further education professional development for all people in the industry.

Conference 2 will be an unforgettable experience, during which we will see  how as  an unique way poetry and technology can be combined to create a play  with a magical charm. Luc LaFortuna able to use the light with the skills of a juggler and always gives his projects a very individual style. We are proud of being in cooperation with  LaFortuna Luca, who chose Clay Paky projectors at the first work with Cirque du Solei and since then confidently use them as an essential tool in the process of creating their shows ".


Pio Nahum - Sales Director Clay Paky


Shortly run registration of persons interested in participating in our conference.


More information about Luc LaFortuna: www.luclafortune.com

Event's page: http://www.swiecace-gwiazdy.com

Registration page: http://luc.lightschool.pl